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Governor Kelly yesterday afternoon issued an order that all Kansans must wear masks in public places and outside where social distancing of 6 foot apart is not feasible. The order will go into effect at 12:01 AM, July 3, 2020. Specific guidelines will be available later.

The Governor also announced that they are adding two more states to the travel restriction - Florida and South Carolina - and has asked that anyone travling to those states beginning today that they quarantine for 14 days upon return.

Kansas Special Session
Governor Kelly Vetoes COVID Response Legislation; Calls for Special Session on June 3

Governor Laura Kelly is calling a special session of the Legislature for June 3 to develop a new legislative response to COVID-19 emergency During the Governor’s press conference held on May 26, she announced her veto of the Legislature’s bill (HB 2054) passed last week on the final day of session. HB 2054 dealt with COVID relief funds, aimed to limit liability for businesses and healthcare providers against litigation related to COVID-19 and provided limitations on the Governor’s ability to declare state emergencies.  

The Governor’s call of the special session would mean legislators will be returning to Topeka on June 3 to focus on the extension of emergency management declarations. There is not a requirement for the Legislature to pass a new bill. The Legislature’s intention may come to light in the coming days.

Governor Kelly also announced she is removing statewide “phases” for opening the state economy and allowing each county to determine its path forward.  The attached news release provides an overview of which Executive Orders she will keep in place.   So, now there are no restrictions on gathering, essential service designations or other restrictions on a statewide basis after midnight tonight.  The counties will be responsible for all guidelines.

Just a refresher course on special sessions in Kansas.   The Governor’s proclamation may have a start date and identify a subject matter.  But once called, the length and subject matter may not be limited by proclamation.   Deadlines may be included in the proclamation, but have no legal force.  All subjects must be in new bill format. Committees, if approved by the Speaker and President may meet prior to the session.  It is hoped that the special session will be short, as candidates cannot solicit or accept political contributions from lobbyists, PACs or corporations, during the session.

Stay tuned. Click here to view the full article: Governor Kelly Vetoes COVID Response Legislation; Calls for Special Session on June 3

*Current as of May 27, 2020.

Kansas Legislature Update

The Legislative Coordinating Council, composed of House and Senate leadership, convened to determine to return for Veto session or return for Sine Die, the ceremonial final day of the 2020 session.

The Coordinating Council determined that the Legislature will return for one day on May 21, which will serve as Sine Die and the last day of the legislature.  Sine die is traditionally saved for review of vetoes and override consideration, but conference committees and other committees may meet and submit bills to the full legislature. Standing committees and conference committees can still meet prior to May 21, with the approval  of the Speaker and President of the Senate.  No committees have been scheduled to meet, but the issues and committees that will be addressed should be made clearer in the near future.   

As 2020 is the second year of the two year session, all existing bills will be dead after Sine Die.  In the event the legislature must meet to address COVID impacts and its budget implications, a special session can be called by the Governor.  Interim Committees can also meet to address issues to be dealt with in 2021.

*Current as of 5/7/2020

Governor Laura Kelly Extends Stay-at-Home Order - Update

As part of her administration’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Laura Kelly today issued Executive Order #20-24, which extends the duration of the state’s Stay-At-Home order established in E.O. #20-16 to expire on midnight May 3.

“Cases of COVID-19 continue to increase and have spread to additional counties in Kansas. Extending the stay-home order will keep Kansans safe as we work to fight this pandemic,” the Governor said. “While we won’t be able to lift all restrictions on mass gatherings overnight, we will continue to develop mitigation efforts so Kansans, their families and businesses can plan for the future.”

The action was taken in collaboration with Governor Mike Parson of Missouri, as well as Kansas City metro leaders. The governor believes a regional approach will reduce confusion and help keep communities safe on both sides of the state line.  

Governor Kelly also has been involved in discussion with Colorado Governor Jared Polis as a way to coordinate a plan for Western Kansas. 

Between now and May 3, Governor Kelly also will consult with business leaders, health experts, economists and other industry and community leaders to determine the best path forward beyond that point, and re-open the Kansas economy safely and effectively. 

The Kelly administration also will be highly focused on expanding testing capacity over the next two weeks so that rapid testing, contact tracing and isolation efforts can be used to prevent community spread and avoid overwhelming local healthcare providers. 

Executive Order #20-24 can be found here.  

*Current as of 4/16/2020

Governor Announces Stay at Home Until May 3

The Governor announced this afternoon that she will extend the stay at home order until midnight of May 3.  The document has not been released, but expect it to reflect the provisions of EO-18. She announced that Kansas is still seeing an increase in cases and the peak is expected sometime between April 19 through the 29th.   Kansas today has 1,494 confirmed cases, with 68 new and 76 death.

She announced that the State Finance Council will meet today to consider and establish a $17 million financial program for hospitals to be a gap measure for the federal funds.  The State Finance Council is made of 9 leaders – Governor, Senate President and Majority Leader, Senate Minority Leader, House Speaker and Majority Leader, House Minority Leader, Senate Ways and Means and House Appropriations Chair.

The Governor discussed the next steps of reopening of the Kansas economy in a safe and secure manner.  She has been on calls with all Governors and is hoping to work with them to develop the best ways of reopening the economy.   She is working with Governor Parsons and the Kansas City metro mayors to develop the best way to reopen the Government and the Colorado Governor to work with western Kansas.  She has not reached out to Nebraska or Oklahoma. She will also be involving business leaders and public health experts in a plan to reopen business.  She is recommended slow return back to normal.  

*Current as of 4/15/2020

COVID-19 - Governor's Executive Order Updates

NAIFA Kansas Members:

Saturday morning, March 28, Kansas Governor Kelly announced a statewide stay at home order. The Executive Order 20-16 will work in conjunction with KEEF, in Executive  Order 20-15.  The order began at 12:01 AM on Monday, March 30 and will remain in effect until at least Monday April 19. She made the decision in consultation with the health department, local and federal partners, and emergency management. Update: The Governor has extended the stay at home order to May 3.
The order will provide the same rules across the state and provide consistency and help stop the spread.  At this time, more than 50% of Kansans are already under stay at home orders.  

Click here to view EO 20-16.

Thank you and stay safe and healthy!   

Click here to view the COVID-19 section on the Kansas Insurance Department website.


Governor Kelly announced Monday a change in her original executive order 20-04 banning the gathering of 50 or more people and will revise it banning gatherings of more than 10. This went into effect at 12:00 AM on Tuesday, March 24th. 

Click here to read the governor's executive order.



Executive Order 20-31: Phase 1.5

Executive Order 20-24: Extending Executive Order No. 20-16 to May 3, 2020 - April 16

Executive Order 20-23: Related to licensure, certification and registration for persons and licensure of "Adult Care Homes" - April 15

Executive Order 20-22: Extending conditional and temporary relief from certain motor carrier rules and regulations - April 13

Executive Order 20-21: Suspending the issuance of general nonresident spring 2020 turkey permits - April 9

Executive Order 20-20Temporarily allowing notaries and witnesses to act via audio-video communication technology - April 9

Executive Order 20-19:Extending professional and occupational licenses during the COVID-19 pandemic - April 9

Executive Order 20-18: Temporarily prohibiting mass gatherings of more than 10 people to limit the spread of COVID-19 - April 7

ExecutiveOrder 20-17: Temporary relief from certain unemployment insurance requirements - March 31

Executive Order 20-16: Statewide Stay-at-Home Order – March 30

Executive Order 20-15: Kansas Essential Function Framework – March 24

Executive Order 20-14: Mass gatherings of 10 or less. – March 24

Executive Order 20-13: Extending certain tax deadlines – March 24

Executive Order 20-12: Extending vehicle registration and driver’s license renewal – March 24

Executive Order 20-11: Removal of waste and recycling service – March 24 

Executive Order 20-10: Financial hardship resulting from COVID-19 – March 24



Several website have already been established to keep Kansans informed. Multiple websites including individual county government websites are being monitored by the BHL Team to keep our clients updated on executive orders and what is happening in those counties. 

Below you can find links to all the Governors executive orders, updates from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and the Kansas Legislative Leadership’s website that is continuously updated and was created as a one stop resource. 

Governor Kelly’s Executive Orders -

Kansas Department of Health and Environment -

Legislative Leadership One-Stop resource page -

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